Located in Porter County, Indiana

Westchester Migratory Bird Sanctuary

Our mission is to bring nature and the community together through restoration, conservation, and education.

  • Chesterton, Indiana

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    We take great measures to take care of our environment.

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    Building Community

    We are totally funded by donations from individuals and businesses as well as in-kind contributions.

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    Protected Areas

    We set aside areas to protect the wilderness in our Chesterton community.

" Let's Make Your Garden Beautiful and Green! "

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    Waste Disposal

    Part of our education process is to show how to take care of our community.

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    We take time to educate those in our community.

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    We have volunteer time every Saturday morning, weather permitting.

Why Westerchester Migratory Bird Sanctuary 

We feel that our work is to create a habitat for the birds and other wildlife such as bees and butterflies. This habitat creation requires the restoration of the wetland area and the upland area (the dump) by clearing, capping, and reforesting with quality trees, bushes, and plants that provide a food source for birds, bees, and butterflies. 


Since 2001 we have been building trust within our community.


We love taking the time to educate not only students from the surrounding school systems but also the community.


Everyone working on our sanctuary is focused on taking care of our wetlands.


Taking constant care to take care of our land in Chesterton, Indiana.

Financial and In-Kind Donors
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About Westerchester Migratory Bird Sanctuary

Porterco Conservation Trust, Inc., supported by the Porter County Parks Foundation, Inc., both 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organizations, is taking this wetland, and former garbage dump, under our wing.  Its best use is to restore it as a shorebird sanctuary, suitable for the broad swath of migrating birds to rest, feed, and prepare for their continued journeys.  Some areas within the sanctuary will be specifically constructed for migratory shorebirds, with managed pond levels, appropriate food sources, and habitat.  The sanctuary will also allow for permanent wildlife residents and flora native to our region as well as amenities for their human friends.